Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions apply to your use of the Braeety Store


By using the Braeety Store, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. In the event that you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you should not use the application.


 We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions from time to time and accordingly you must review these terms and conditions periodically. We do not have to contact you or inform you of any changes made to the terms and conditions. Your continued use of the Brraeety Store is deemed to agree to the terms and conditions applicable at the time you use the application.


 As part of our commitment to making the Braeety store a place you would like to visit regularly, we welcome all of your comments on any of the policies or rules we include below.


Terms of use


1 – You can use the card code only once.
2- The code code must be entered correctly for case sensitivity.
3 – Verify the type and category of the card before completing the purchase.
4 – Give accurate and complete information when creating the user account.
5 – You must be responsible in particular for maintaining the confidentiality of information related to your account and secret password.
6 – Wrong conversions are returned to the same account they were transferred from within three days.
7 – The cards you buy are not refundable or exchangeable if they have no error or problem.
8 – The Braeety store does not bear any responsibility for wrong purchases in which you have committed yourself due to negligence or entering wrong information 9 – which may lead to damage or loss, by purchasing a card.
10 – Any problem that appears on the card after its purchase and entry by the customer of his device, such as the error in the code or appears that it was previously and if it was shipped .. The parent company will be contacted with the card to find out the cause of the error and the date and time the code is shipped .. The process takes from one day to five days, and our correspondence will be During the first three days of purchasing the card.
11- The Braeety store is not responsible for any delay in confirming the transferred amounts if the period exceeds 3 days.
12 – There are administrative fees when using credit cards.
13 – Any purchase that is under any doubt will be stopped immediately and will not be executed, and all his information will be sent to the Cyber ​​Crime Department of the Ministry of Interior to complete the legal procedures in this regard.
14 – Prices are subject to change without notice and you will be billed for the price stated in the application.
15 – If you are a minor (such as if you are less than 18 years old), you can use the Braeety store under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian, provided that he agrees to comply with the terms of use terms.
16 – In the event that the applicant is a representative of a commercial establishment or a company, he is obligated to provide all the required information and documents, including, but not limited to, what includes your commercial license, passport or national card, and any other documents of the institution and documents that show the responsibility of any person acting on your behalf .
17 – In the event that any user registers as a commercial institution, his commercial establishment shall be bound by all the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement.
18 – Individual and institutional users must abide by commercial contracts.
19 – In the event of any unlawful use or any breach of his account, the customer is obligated to inform the store management immediately of this use, and in the event that the store management is not notified of any illegal use or breach of the customer’s account, the store management does not bear responsibility.
20 – You must not be one of those who previously benefited from the Braeety store, and you are prohibited or prohibited from using the application.


These conditions are subject to permanent change and development, so the customer must review them periodically. If you notice any vague partiality or error in the details of this policy, please alert us to that.