Depositing and withdrawing money
Cash withdrawal and deposit service is a free service available to all Braeety store customers
Depositing money
How to deposit money


1 – The customer goes to the nearest accredited center affiliated with us (our agents).
2 – The customer requests the required amount from our agents .
3 – When completing the packing process, please pay the amount you requested.
4 – Fee Deposit (free of charge).
5 – Duration of the deposit (immediately)

money withdrawal
How to withdraw money
1 – The customer goes to the nearest agent, and asks him to withdraw an amount.
2 – The work sends the required amount to the accredited center.
3 – When the amount is sent, the agent submits the amount in cash.
4 – The withdrawal fee is 1% calculated from the value of the amount withdrawn.
5- Duration of withdrawal of funds (immediately)