MasterCard Braeety

Having credit cards has become a necessity in life, especially for people who are traveling or Internet users. Credit cards are often the only way to pay online.
MasterCard available

1- Gift card

It is the most widely used and easiest type of card. It does not require a bank account or an account at the Braeety store
Gift Card Features (MasterCard Braeety)
1. You can get it even if you are not a customer at Braeety Store.
2. Used for online shopping.
3. The customer’s name is not written on the card.
4. The card is issued in US dollars.
5. The card is valid for two years.
6. Provide security and protection while shopping.
7. Card categories (Class 50 $, Class 100 $, Class 200 $, Class 500 $).
8. You can get the card from any agent affiliated with us.
9. Unlimited times to buy and pay daily via E-Commerce online.
10. Commission for payment and purchase via the Internet in the same currency of the card: 0% (no commission is deducted from the customer account).
2. Travel card
Will be available soon
3. Merchant card
Will be available soon