About Braeety Store

It is an electronic application that allows users to purchase all electronic cards available in the world, as well as a mobile wallet from which you can withdraw and deposit money and pay electronic bills.

Success for us is more than statistics, it is born of our passion and passion for excellence, we work to satisfy our customers, and you are the goal we see and you are the creativity that we aspire to
We make passion our motivation, while consolidating our relationships and trusting our brand.
Our vision is to become one of the leading companies in the field of electronic card shopping and by providing products that meet the needs of our customers.
Do not be confused by the selected Braeety store.
1 – Integrity – we are honest with ourselves and in our dealings with others.
2 – Quality – We aim to give the best and achieve the best, we provide an experience that deserves to be said excellent.
3- Reliability – We keep our promises, and you’ll always be there for you.
1 – To put the customer at the heart of events for everything we do
2 – To promote a comprehensive culture that promotes diversity
3 –  To run the business according to professional and ethical standards
4 –  To develop and market products that meet client needs and create marketing features
who are we
We are one of the branches of Braeety Company, the leading company in the trade of computers, mobile phones and surveillance cameras, where the company established 2009, and its headquarters are in Baghdad.
How does Braeety Store work?
1 – Register in the Braeety Store application and confirm the account.
2 – Recharge your account in the application of the Bray T store using the prepaid Bray T card or through our agents.
3 – Enjoy shopping in the application.